Resin tank crack and resin spread through form 2


First of all I precise I contacted the support yesterday (but no answers yet).

I printed some parts yesterday (6 very similar parts) and only 4 of them came out of the printer. Residues of the two others were visible at the bottom of the resin tank.

After the tank inspection, I saw a crack of about 3-4 cm positionned at the middle left of the tank.The optical glass seems OK but there is resin which spread under the resin tank mobile support.

The printer haven’t been used for about 3 weeks before yesterdays print but we never used any IPA or else on the resin tank.

Do you know if it’s OK to remove the screws of the resin tank mobile support in order to clean all the resin properly ? Any idea of how this could have happened ?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Do not remove the torx screws without the assistance of Formlabs, those are part of the calibration of the printer and you can throw things off if you don’t do it correctly. At least that’s the official word from Formlabs documentation.

I’d wait for Support to get back to you, they seem to be pretty quick usually.

Hi Jonathan ,

Thank you for you answer.

Indeed, I have been contacted by the support and there is a cleaning and shipment procedure to follow.

Anyway the support is pretty quick to answer and I receive the answers I needed :slight_smile:

If somebody knows how to avoid this problem next time, in addition to the information we can find on the Formlabs website, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

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