Resin Tank Cracked

Hi All,
I placed a new resin tank in my printer recently, it cracked and leaked resin all over the circuits and the mirrors. I have attempted to clean it the best i can, but i am still unsuccessful at getting a working print, does anyone have any advice

No direct advice from me, but plenty of others have experienced your pain.

Definitely open a ticket with Formlabs here. They have guides and tools on how to clean up the mess.

Yikes, for spills like these, our support team is going to be best suited to help out. One of our members will be in touch with you over email to look into what caused the spill in the first place and help out with next steps…

This same thing happened to me.
For some reason the F1 tanks are prone to cracking. Needless to say, don’t use any IPA on the tank. They crack enough on their own without adding this problem…

Bottomline advise. Never leave your tank in the printer.

Side note: Be very careful when disassembling your F1+. Pay very close attention to the length of the screws that hold the bottom to the back plate. If you put the longer ones in the wrong place they will cut into a circuit board just above and ruin everything.

Same thing happen to me. I took it apart to try and clean it, there was resin oozing out of everywhere, and opened a ticket. I sent pictures in like they asked and they told me that I should not have removed the motherboard. They said that there were some calibration that could only be done at Formlabs. I don’t know what kind or why. They said it might work or it might not when I put it back together.

So, don’t remove the mother board!

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