Yikes! Tank cracked and leaked on rails

So I was changing tanks today and noticed the runners were covered in resin. My first thought was that I must have let some resin drip over the edge when I last filled so I quickly wiped it clean to make sure the resin didn’t drip on anything. However when I took the cover off the tray I’d just removed the entire corner came away and I noticed a crack running all the way down to the bottom. The last time I put the cover on it must have cracked and slowly leaked onto the runners.

I’ve noticed what look like internal fractures in the corner of some of my tanks, but they’ve never developed into cracks before it was time to replace the tank until this happened, this tank was almost new with only a few hundred ml of resin through it.

I guess tanks should be replaced if there is any sign of cracking.

Really sorry to hear about the trouble with your resin tank. Send us a message to support@formlabs.com including photos of the damage and we can help you out.


Hi Jory, it didn’t appear that any resin leaked further into the printer than just on top of the runners and I cleaned it off straight away. It’s been printing fine since so it seems the only damage is the loss of the tank.

Glad the printer is printing fine. IPA on the runners should take care of any residual resin if additional cleaning is needed. We can also get you a replacement resin tank.


I have had multiple resin tanks crack on the back left corner. Mine has never cracked down to the bottom, instead it is confined to the top like shown in Brainfloat’s photo. I have seen multiple mentions from other owners of the same problem happening. It seems like there may be internal stresses in the plastic that over time and perhaps with chemical reaction, cause slivers to break off.

I have never observed it but wondered if that is where resin has overflowed onto my rails when the print base is lowered into a tank that may be at or barely above the fill line.

There is a pouring spout on the resin tank that can sometimes crack. If you are taking the black plastic lid on and off the resin tank, try lifting it straight off instead of in a hinge motion.

This will prevent stress on the spout area.

If you are having issues with cracking, definitely contact us.


A replacement tank would be great thanks, should I contact support to arrange this?

Brainfloat - yes, send a message to our support team.


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