Cured Resin on Bottom of Resin Tank

I noticed there was some cured resin on the bottom of my resin tank. A generous application of Novus 1 and the microfiber cloth did not remove it. I suspect the stain is adversely affecting my prints. How could I get rid of it? Thanks!

P.S. There are stains like this in a couple spots, so it is difficult to “work around”. Also, I have another resin tank ordered, so it is fine if there is nothing that can be done. Thanks again.

Using the scraper or a butter knife you should be able to squash the PDMS good enough to slide under it and pop it off.

If it is on the plastic side of the tank you are probably out of luck.

It is unclear to me how resilient the silicon membrane is. I have owned the Form1 since May and have gone through 5 resin tanks. Parts often fail, and end up sticking to the membrane, leaving ghost part outlines. Can I print though these residual traces accurately? I sent my machine back for service after 6 weeks of email support. The machine failed on the 2nd print, and now I am not getting anything printing. Formlabs claims you can get 200 prints out of a resin tray. What happens if you have a print failure? so far ive gotten about 25-30 prints max out of a tray before it needs replacing. Can someone explain to me why you can’t use your fingers to remove parts adhered to the silicon. I know my fingers are way more delicate than the sharp metal spatula provided. some expert opinions would be appreciated. thanks

how many people are actually getting 2 liters of prints out of a single tray?

I don’t use my fingers simply to avoid getting resin on things I touch later. The silicone seems quite resilient, the corner of my scraper has never left a mark. I am on my third printer and first resin tank so I have no advice on the tank life other than I am now on my 3rd liter since purchasing over a year ago.

It’s on the plastic side, unfortunately!

I’m on my 3rd printer now and I can get between 30-50 prints from a tank before the pdms deterioration renders the tank unusable. I’m having a go next week to re-rubberize my old tanks.

Jason, your on your 3rd printer? or 3rd tank?

3rd printer, up to my 10th tank.

2nd Printer 5th Tank.