How to Clean the Resin Tank the right way

While I’m searching for answers on how to clean the silicone on the resin tank I can’t find a definite solution on how to clean it the right way even the individuals from Formlabs have thier on way, some said use moist paper towel the other said use IPA and Novus 1. It very confusing. Personally I use Novus 1 to clean the silicon after a scrape it all. I want to know if I’m doing it right, gives us a solution so we can bury this issue.

Why would you clean the resin tank that thoroughly in the first place? Use the scraper first and then just wipe excess resin away with some cloth and done.

I Have three tanks some of them I rarely use so I need it clean it thoroughly, I use Novus to remove the remaining resin on the tank, that;s what the guy from formlabs said, use Novus and fibercloth on PDMS

Hey there!

So you’re absolutely right that there is some conflicting information on this. The main reason for that is generally we want to avoid cleaning out tanks when we can help it.

That being said, we understand this is part of the workflow for some folks. The safest method is to let as much of the resin drain out as you possibly can, and then you a soft cloth with warm water to gently wipe as much of the resin out of the tank as you can.

IPA should not be used to clean resin tanks under any circumstances, as this could case a fairly catastrophic resin spill when a tank cracks.

I hope that’s helpful but please don’t hesitate to ask if I can provide more specifics or clarifications. :slight_smile:

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I understand. How about Novus, is it ok to use on PDMS?

Novus is likely fine, but I’d still be inclined to stick with the gentler option.

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OK :slight_smile: Thank so much!

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