Form1 Resin tank dry?

Is it ok to let the resin tank dry?

I use to remove my resin when I finish a print… because my first tank start to get so … dont know how to sya it… chimical hole in the silicone?

Dont want my brand new tank to do the same.

Also do you have a good way to clean your tank? I guyess alcool wont do good.

Do you have a picture? You can store your tanks with resin in them and they do ship dry. Not sure what you mean by having a hole in it.

Some use IPA to clean their tanks but becareful not to soak it because the IPA will degrade the tanks walls and creep under and lift the PDMS layer.

Alternatively you can use Yellow Magic to clean the tanks with no worries and rinse it under clean water then let it air dry before refilling with resin. YM is the safer easier way IMO. You can get it from Z-Vat industries or Amazon. I think Z-vat has a better price.

Yes, it is OK to store the tanks dry. They ship that way from the factory.

For the colored resins I empty the tank into an empty bottle from my Form 1+. This keeps the pigments from settling on the silicone layer (needs to be scraped up and remixed). With the bottle just shake up and pour the resin back into the tank for the next use through a strainer.

Don’t put used resin in the cartridge because it will mess up the resin level estimate (Tank will show empty with a lot of resin left)

We do recommend against cleaning tanks with IPA. It will weaken the acrylic and silicone and prolonged exposure will only worsen this effect. Novus polish is a good alternative to IPA for cleaning tanks otherwise we typically just wipe things down with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

And I find it helps to use a syringe to pull out the resin rather than trying to pour it from a corner since it usually spills down the sides of the tray and then you have to clean the outside of it as well.

Make sure you filter resin that you are putting back in a bottle, there’s paint filters on Amazon that work fine for that.

Yes I bought some Paint filter. Its helpful.

I think I have a laser problem… my left side always wrong

If you have a Form1/1+ and you’re having print issues then it’s very often that you need to clean dust off your mirrors, the large mirror underneath the tray will always gather dust but you can get significant issues if dust gets inside onto the galvo mirrors. The results will often be failed prints or prints with rough surfaces. If so, then contact support and they will tell you how to clean the mirrors.