Tank V2 and IPA

Hi, I did cleaning my tank from Tough200 Resin because it’s recommended when not in use for a longer time.
However, my point is - I have used IPA for cleaning the inside of the tank and a little later I thought that you shouldn’t do that - at least that’s what it says on the website. I’ve not immersed the tank, but I used a cloth soaked in IPA.

My question - did i wreck the tank?

pour the resin and try to print again. If nothing happens, then it is good.

Once you use the tank, it will tell you it has a couple of months lifetime, no matter you use it to print or not after that. It will expire by then. What’s the point to take out the resin?

Formlabs will recommend doing a lot of things now, especially the form3.

If the tray still works and doesn’t leak, you didn’t wreck it… Give it a shot. Worst case, you pour the resin in to a new tray and throw this one away.

Well, you give me hope :slight_smile: I’ll try again.

Keep an eye on it for leaks, in case the alcohol degraded the adhesive or either of the films. Also keep an eye out for cracks on the plastic frame of the tank, which may (at least, theoretically) have been weakened / become more brittle if the alcohol touched it. Good luck!