Cleaning the Form 3 Resin Tank

I can’t quite figure out how to clean the resin tank after a failed print. I got the big pieces out, but of course the inside of the tank is still all covered with goop. I see something about cleaning the bottom/outside with IPA and a PEC pad, at this link:

But I see nothing similar about cleaning the inside of the tank with IPA and a (lot of) PEC pads. Should I just run the tool along the film on the inside of the tank, and if I don’t feel any bumps, then I’m done? It seems like a lot of work to fill that whole inside with enough IPA to clean up the resin, and it would take a whole lot of PEC pads to then soak up the resin/IPA mess. It would probably have to be done in many iterations (wipe with pads, add IPA, wipe with pads, add IPA, etc.) That would take quite a while, and traumatize the film a lot also, to get the entire inside of the take clean as new.

I am inclined to just scrape the film on the inside of the tank with the tool, then reinsert the tank and try again. (?)

I have cleaned my tank multiple times.All I do is use the new tool to fish out the cured resin parts.has worked for me so far

Thanks, I did the same. Now I have cleaned out two failed parts, filtered the resin, and had a successful print afterward. The first time took a while. The second time I did it much faster. Not so difficult once you have everything handy and know how to do it.

One important part - when pouring the resin through the filter, of course a little will spill out onto the outside of the tank. Not much, but a little bit curls around the edge during pouring and dirties the outside. It is best to clean that off BEFORE putting the resin back in. Wiping down the outside of a full resin tank is not easy, because you have to hold it perfectly level with one hand.

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