Cleaning the resin Tank

There is a lot of info on cleaning the inside of a Form 3 resin take but nothing, I can find, about cleaning the underside. Am I to take it that this shouldn’t be done? I know the Form 2 is a different animal but you can clean that surface with Novis polish.

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Hello, I think you refer that there is a information on how to clean the underside but not the interior.

Here is the underside cleaning explanation:

EDIT with answer from Formpabs support:

You can use IPA and PEC-PAD in the UNDERSIDE of the tank but you can NOT clean the inside with nothing.

If you want to clean the inside, drain and filter the resin in black HDPE botles with 190mic. filter and store the tank “wet” with few quantity of resin in the UV box. DO NOT CLEAN IT WITH IPA OR ANOTHER SOLUTION.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ll get official confirmation here at the office, but from my experience you don’t want to use any kind of liquid at all on the underside of the tank.

EDIT: I was wrong! A little IPA and a PEC Pad will be just fine on the underside of a Form 3 tank specifically.

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