Unused tank left in printer without tabk cover on or resin in tank

I was wondering if someone could help this noob out? I have a Form2 that has been set up for months, minus actually having a resin cartridge installed. Now that I’m ready to do some printing I’ve noticed that the tank is hazy from what looks like a layer of dust. My question is weather or not the tank is still viable by cleaning it somehow…and if so, how? Thanks to anyone that can help.

It should be fine if it’s unused, if it really does have some dust inside the tray then I think you can use something like Novus 1 plastic polish to clean it out. Don’t use IPA on the tray since it degrades the acrylic. I would get some Novus 1 and some PecPads (both available on Amazon) and clean it out along with the window below where the tray goes.
If the tray is still cloudy after cleaning then I would contact support and see if they can do something or buy a new tray.


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