Smudges on the silicone layer

I just got my Form1 in the mail today, and noticed 2 small smudges on the silicone layer. Is this something that will affect a print in any way? What are some good techniques you guys have used to get your resin tray squeeky clean?

@ Shayne

I have a similar problem with specs of dust on my new Form1 resin tray and have put in a support call.  I’ll share any “solutions” here when I get an answer but getting the tray spotless before use seems to be a vital bit of preparation given the known failures which appear to be down to contamination.  I’m hoping Formlabs will make this part of the setup procedure.  By the way, was your tank perfectly sealed when it arrived because on both of mine, the top plastic film was only attached on two edges with the sides loose and not stopping contamination getting in.

If the dust/smudge is inside the PDMS and not on the surface, then yes it may affect quality and you should have them replace it. If not, gently clean it with a microfiber cloth and tiny amount of alcohol.

@ Monger

in your experience, is it ok to wash the tray out with IPA before first use? Would clean, pure water work also if the tray is allowed to dry before use?  I asked these questions of Formlabs’ support a few days ago but haven’t had an answer due to the holidays I guess.

I don’t know if I would recommend it, but I do use ipa to clean off resin from the tank. Be careful not to let it touch the acrylic, because it can make it crack. Make sure to air dry it well before pouring resin into the tank.

Send it back. You paid good money. You deserve a system that works. Defects on the Silicone will cause print failures and further damage to the silicone (It’s all downhill from there.).

You’ll have lot’s of challenges and hopefully a bit of fun with the Form 1, but don’t start with a damaged tank.

Good Luck!

-Andy Hudson