Dust on Tray

I just received my Form 1 today and there are several pieces of large dust/debris on the bottom of the tray. I tried gently to remove them with a Q-tip but they seem stuck in place. I’m worried the dust will cause the laser to not work properly through the acrylic/silicone.  Please see attached photo of the dust under the tray.  Any advice?

hate to ask the obvious, but have you removed the tray bottom sticker?

Hi Kevin,

Yes I have removed it :)  Good question, though - it’s easy to miss!

You definitely want to get rid of those specks, they will cause holes in your parts. Can you feel the dust particles with the cue tip? if so, have you got a lens cloth - perhaps more vigorous rubbing will remove them? - if you can’t feel the dust with the cue tip, does that mean the dust is not on the underside, but actually in the PDMS?

Great questions.  I decided to just try a print and see what happens.  When I was inspecting the tray earlier, it appeared that the dust may actually have been inside the silicone, in which case the tray is probably out of spec and defective.


Please send us a message to support@formlabs.com if you find that there is dust trapped in the silicone. We definitely will not allow you to waste any money on a defective tank and will happily accommodate a replacement.