Silicon in tank

I got very nervous today, trying to print model I found out some resin under the tank? I was confused, took Ipa and tried to clean under, but it didnt clean, then I found out there is silicone bottom in tank and between silicon and tank somehow resin came in… So i put resin from tank to cartridge and separate silicon from tank, and my problems started. First I need small fortune to clean with IPA tank and silicone, this resin is everywhere… Is there way to clean this silicone and tank and put it together, or I have to buy new one? This happen after half of cartridge, is that green tank any better? So I got so much nervous I left tank and silicon in office overnight, we will see what happen. What to do ?

Hey there @Komy,

I’m so sorry to hear you had some issues with your resin tanks. That’s not at all the behavior we want to see out of these components.

Please get in touch with our support team at the link below and we’d be more than happy to take the steps necessary to get you back up and running again ASAP.

so you think it is possible to clean this and use again ? I submited this thread I am too much hot for explaining problem :slight_smile:

If the silicone separates from the bottom of the tray you can’t use it anymore. If you are printing and the silicone starts to separate then you got a bad tray and need to contact Formlabs for a replacement.

Also, you shouldn’t clean the tray with IPA, the tray is made from acrylic and it has a reaction with IPA which will cause it to degrade.

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great, going to order new one :smiley: Mess with resin make me mad, not bad tray, I hate mess :smiley: Also what is difference with tray (resin tank is name) this 69$ and one from 115$ ? is this green more durable?

The LT Tank does last significantly longer if you’d like to go that route, but definitely talk to our support team and we can walk you through Tank care and any replacements that need to happen.

well this orange tank is 1-1.5 liters of resin if I remember good, this LT is almost double price, does it take 2-3 liters of resin then ? If not I will stick with orange

With normal use, LT tanks should last that easily (and we never had these kind of leakage issues with lt tanks)

well I had luck it didnt went on glass under the tank, that would be serious problem, although i had one little droplet in corner of glass while I was trying to dismount build plate, cleaned it with little ipa and dry paper.

It will depend on what you are printing. I have LT tanks with 13 liters of black resin and still printing just fine…


well prices are little bit different in my country, 75 euros for orange and 120 euros for green LT, not sure witch one to buy…

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