Clean resin tray long term

I am doing research in a lab and do not print often. I stored resin in a tray for a month and it ended up leaking and ruining my printer. I replaced the printer, but I do not want this to happen again.

Is there any way to clean out the resin tray until I need to use it again?

I read some older discussion and tried pouring it all out, but I’m still stuck with resin in the tray, and it left a cloud on the clear silicone window. I used small amounts of IPA to dab it away (as instructed and was careful to not use too much near the acrylic) , but overall the task was tedious and the results were not perfect.


For storing the tank i’m using the carton box it came with and also placing the black plastic lid. This way the resin is away from light and can be stored for long term.

I assume you are using the regular tank (version 01) and not the LT tank (version 2) witch is far more robust. The white marks on the silicon is normal for version 01, its holds for 1-2 max 3 liters of printing and then you need to replace it as the silicon became very white and the prints are not getting out very well.

For cleaning the entire tank I’m using the shovel to scoop the resin to the area where the resin is filled to (upper right corner) and pouring it to a single use cup with 190 micron filter on it. Then I’m using a fiber free clothes and small amount of IPA to clean it from resin residuals.

It is not recommended to return the resin to the bottle as it is considered as used and can contain some debris. Keep it in the cup covered with parafilm ( if you got it, normally a common material in bio labs or chemical labs) to seal it for long term. Otherwise use normal plastic wrap.

Hope its helps.


I am actually using the LT tank (version 2). The small amounts of IPA did help, but there were still cloudy areas. Any other suggestions?

Whitening of a used tank is normal result due to printing.

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