New printer... what to do with tank after print


Got my new form labs 3 printer today. And I am working on my 1st print. But I do not know what to expect or what to do after the print with the tank. What do you do with the leftover resin in the tank? I see everything about the part that you print but nothing about the tank after a print.


Just leave it in, it can sit for a few weeks without any issues.


As you start to use more resins (and therefore need more tanks), you can store the tanks in their box with the lid on as well.


So just some thoughts…
The wiper arm that stirs the tank… Just clean it with IPA? Wash the tank as well with IPA? I saw a video where it said to expose it to sunlight for a while and let it partially harden then remove. I am very hesitant to do that. Right now the wiper arm has a lot of resin on it after my first print. I just covered the printer up.
Also I closed the vent hole but left the cartridge in. Was I supposed to do that?
So much is not covered in the instructions and videos.
Sorry to ask so much, but I just don’t want to ruin it.


Do NOT put IPA into your tank! Just clean it out as good as you can with the supplied tools if you plan on not using it for a looong time, or if you want to change resin. Otherwise you can just leave the resin in until your next print. Also, I wouldn’t do that sunlight exposure thing in any case. Sounds like a path to a lot of trouble.


You’re fine to leave the cartridge in, honestly half the time I forget to close the vent anyway. The orange covers do a great job of blocking out UV so you really only need to empty out the tanks for LONG term (like over 2 months) storage or for changing resin types. If you have multiple, just put them back in their grey boxes when you aren’t using them and leave one in the printer.


The plastic box with the orange lid that came in the box is designed to store it with the resin inside. I put it back in the cardboard for extra light blocking. Use a sharpie to remind yourself what tray holds what resin. I put a paper towel under the tray in case a bit drips into that holding box.


I usually take the cartridge out in case of valve faliure. I sometimes leave the tank in the machine if I am likely to print the next day as it is a bit of fuss taking out the wiper, cleaning and storing that. Though one thing I get worried about is the tank leaking whilst left in the printer. Never happened to me before and I’ve left it in there with resin for 6 months and all good. I think pulling the tank out all the time is likely to make it more unstable as it takes a bit of shock force to get it out of the printer.