After running a print, How should I leave the printer until the next print? I have a Form 2.

Take the resin tank out of the printer and put a lid on it.
Inspect the glass window of the printer, make sure it’s clean. If you dripped any resin, clean it up carefully(don’t use IPA on the plastic!!)

Try to keep the orange lid closed as much as possible to prevent dust coming in.

Clean the build platform thoroughly.

The only thing I would comment from @fantasy2’s recommendations is that the tank can remain in the machine. The resin is safe as long as the orange lid is down. If it is going to be a long time between prints (more than a week) then you can take it out to store separately with the lid. If the resin sits for longer periods of time it needs to be mixed and its best not to mix it while in the machine for fear of a spill.


Except for when the tank mysteriously cracks as happened to me. Play it safe and remove the tank.

I’m thinking yours was a complete fluke… but if you want to play it safe then ya take it out. I guess my main point was that the resin is perfectly safe… the tank is another story LOL.

I actually leave my resin sometimes for 2 or 3 weeks without a problem. I simply remove the wiper and gently sweep it left and a right to make sure the resin is mixed. The machine does it for you too when giving it a new job but I did it since I thought it’s been a while.

They also mention in one of Formlabs tutorials that it is perfectly fine to leave the resin with the tank inside the printer but I can’t seem to remember for how long though.

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Thank you for your reply’s. They are very helpful. :smile:

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you can leave the resin with the tray in the printer, if it’s been like half a day after printing then you’ll need to stir the resin before printing again to make sure that the pigment is mixed well. Just take the scraper and use that to carefully stir the resin for a bit.