Resin Care

Doing my very 1st 3d Print now with the form 2. It occurred to me just now, when the print is done and I remove my item, do I just close the orange lid and leave the resin in the tray for the next print a couple days from now?

Pretty much yes. You will have to remove the wiper and stir the material in the tank and shake the bottle before doing your next print.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yep, the tank, cartridge, and platform can be left in the printer for extended periods of time. If you go a while without printing, it can be important to stir the material in the tank using the included scraper.

Why must the wiper be removed? I thought it would only be nessesary to clean the build plate? Does the lid protect the resin completly from the sunlight for many weeks?

The wiper can stay on. Just skim the PDMS layer gently a few times then move the wiper over and do the other portion. I usually do this about 3 times and shake that cartridge well before each print. You wanna hear it sloshing too, not just feel some sluggish movement.

Thanks, thats the way I wanted to do it.