What to do with leftover material in Resin Tank

I just printed my very first print using the Form 2 printer. I have leftover material from the print that is sitting in the resin tank. Is there a recommended step on what to do with it? If my next print is in the same type of resin can I just leave it there? or should I pour it back into the cartridge? Thank you in advance for the advice!

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You can leave it in the tank - just make sure it is shielded from UV light. You can leave it in the printer, but then if your tank leaks (I think this is probably rare) you end up with a bad situation. You don’t want to have to clean your mirror and the inside of the printer.

Your tank came with a black plastic lid. It even has a pocket where you can put the wiper.

I leave the resin in the tanks and put them on a shelf with the lid on. I put a lint-free cloth underneath to keep the optical path clear of potential scratches or smudges.

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If you intend to print with different resins, you should get a resin tank for each one. Cleaning them out is possible, but it’s not really practical IMO. And it’s no more economical. You end up buying the same number of tanks for the same number of prints, the resin you’re using doesn’t really matter.

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Great! Thank you all for your recommendations. I really appreciate it!