Form 3 Tank Question

So the tank that originally came with the printer has some fairly large “burnt” marks on it after 2l of resin. I replaced it with a new one and took it off to inspect/clean as best as I could then program the bad spots into preform. During that process I ended up getting IPA in between the film layers and now it’s dried and left a pattern behind. Is there a way to clean between the film, or is that tank just done now?

Nope. I would definitely not trust any tank that had anything whatsoever get between the two layers.

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Agreed, probably better to err on the side of caution. That being said, feel free to contact our support team with photos and any additional details and they should be able to give you a more accurate diagnosis. :slight_smile:

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I’ve thought about this post some more, and though this may be going on a little tangent… The only tank I’ve had trouble with so far was also the very first one that came with the printer, and it too developed a troublesome spot relatively early. That spot eventually turned into a leak that spilled resin inside the printer and made a huge, huge mess. That’s another story (that I’ve already shared), but with my experience, and yours, and several other stories to be found here in the forums, I wonder if a pattern is now establishing itself with quality issues in the first batches of tanks?

Fairly early on, the color of the bottom half of the tank storage box changed. The first two I got were a light gray color, and the 5 I’ve purchased ever since have been much darker. Did something change in tank production other than the color of the storage box?