Print marks/silhouette on resin tank film. Should I be concerned?

The top side of the film for my form 3 resin tank has been developing marks or a silhouette from previous prints. I’ve cleared the tank of resin and cleaned with IPA & PECPADs but the marking still remains. Should I be concerned?

I was under the impression we weren’t supposed to be using ipa on the tanks?
and cleaning them out was problematic?

Hello @calvin67 -

Thank you for reaching out about your tank. There will always be some pressure marks like this on the bottom happen because there’s rubbing between the roller holder and the bottom of the tank and they are normal.
You can make sure the optical glass and roller holder are clean to be safe.

For the use of IPA in the tank, the major concern is just making sure all the IPA is removed from the tank interior before filling the tank again. IPA does dissolve the resin and changes the optical properties, so I would let the tank air dry for a day after getting the large portion of solvent out before use.

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would you rinse with water after cleaning? if there a good step by step cleaning / tank problem video?

Hi @illuminatedRS,

I would recommend following the steps listed here: Inspecting and cleaning resin tanks (Form 3/Form 3B). We only recommend using the tank tool for the interior of the tank.