Advice needed - resin on the bottom of resin tank

Hi all,
Please advise, should I change the resin tank if an accident happened and the bottom of the tank got resin on it? The resin tank was under unfortunate angle and resin spilled out of it, contaminating the bottom of the film. I cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol, but the film still appears to has some stains on it. Is the film now wasted? Or would it still be usable, at least in the parts that didn’t get affected?
Does the laser optics touch the film during printing and if I would use this resin tank, would there be a danger of harming the optics? Please advise, what should I do?
The printer is Formlabs 3 and Resin Tank 2.1.

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Hello @ValdekLaur -

We di have a guide here for cleaning tanks after a spill or failed print.

If resin gets on the bottom of the tank, it can be hard to clean fully, and I would recommend getting a new tank. The optical glass or rollers on the x-stage can get contaminated by residue on the bottom of the tank, and if you can’t clean it fully, replacing it is the best option.

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I will check it soon. I would definitely prefer a new tank, but I am now currently in Sicily, Italy and there does not seem to be any resellers of Formlabs here and postal packages in Italy appear to be a rather challenging issue :slight_smile: But I am not in too much of a hurry and I think I will find a solution. In any case, I would not want to harm the optics of the printer and replacing the tank is the preferred option.

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I’d like to add some enhancements to the tank cleaning guide. I’ve been having chronic print failures (which is another topic I posted here earlier). After one failure that occurred in a brand new tank, I decided to do an inspection to see if there was any damage. The cured resin left a significant divot in the tank.

It’s easy to take the tanks for granted but they are at least as important as the LPU and it’s important to take great care when handling.

When handling the tank, don’t hold it solely on the wiper end. The cover can come out and you’ll have a significant mess on your hands.

Be sure to always handle with two hands or at least handle with one hand on the side opposite the wiper (right side as it sits in the machine).

Another big one, when servicing, ALWAYS place the tank in the tank enclosure that came with the packaging. There are standoffs in the enclosure that keep the belt off of any surface. If put it on the table, you run the risk of scratching the bottom of the tank.

If you want to drain the resin and completely clean the tank, you can remove the cover over the wiper. It simply slides out. This makes it easier to get at that area of the tank. This is also why you don’t want to solely grip this end of the tank

Check for deep gouges or scratches in the tank. You will need to drain the resin to inspect properly. These can be hard to see if there is resin in the tank. Drain the resin as recommended in the guide. I use platic paint cannisters. ALWAYS clean the cannister after emptying the resin back into the tank.

Once empty (of course), flip the tank over and check for scratches. This tank has very heavy scratches from the roller housing for some reason. None of my other Form 3s have this.

Needless to say, this tank is now useless. It only had a few prints. Jury is out as to why my prints are failing. I’m not convinced there isn’t something wrong with the LPU, especially considering those scratches on the bottom.