Marks on bottom of resin tray


I’m noticing some scuffing on the underside of one of my resin trays. It is most pronounced at the sides but some in across the tray as well.

This tray has had resin in it for 17 days (standard black) and has been used for 200 hours of printing.

The tank only shows that 30% of its lifetime has been used, is this a defect?


I have the same marks on mine, and have about 130 hours of printing.

I just gave it a clean with a pec pad and some IPA. I wonder if the rails that touch the film (on the LPU) need to be cleaned as well, but I gave that a wipe as well, and there was a thin layer of dirt (or something) on it.


If the environment is dusty you need to put the printer in a cabinet - otherwise small particle can fall into the resin and cause excessive wear out of the film. Also cabinet will protect the printer from direct daylight and prolong the resin life - even if under protective cover, some UV penetrates and semi-cures (sensibilises) the resin.


Yeah I cleaned off the bottom of the tank with a pec pad as well and clean ipa.

I did also look at the LPU, and the same white material was on the rollers. It came clean very easily with a dry pec pad.

I’m not sure where it is coming from though, but I’ll keep an eye on it and post if I find out anything more.