Durable resin and resin tank issues

Is anyone having issues with the resin tank while using the durable resin? I have something happening to the bottom of my tank after just a few prints. I looks like the coating is being pulled up. At least that’s how it looks, and this is the second time this has happened. It looks like what’s left over from a failed print, but you can’t get it up.

Can you post up pictures. I believe others have reported similar problems but I am not sure if it was with the same resin.

I would open a support ticket so FL can assist.

It’s not letting me upload a pic.

It might be too big. Try resizing it.

Here’s a pic. Those dots and other stuff along with what that is to the right are on the bottom of the tank and don’t come up with a comb.

The white dots do look to be from tank clouding. Tanks will cloud after being used for 2-3L of resin and need to be replaced. You can extend the lifetime of your tanks by evenly distributing the locations of your prints.

The artifact to the right does look like cured resin or something floating in your tank. You might see if you can get under it by using a shallow angle with the scraper tool making sure not to scratch the silicone.

This is a brand new resin tank. And this was after just three prints. The artifact is on the bottom of the tank and I can’t pry it up. or the dots for that matter.

The white dots are from tank clouding. When resin is repeatedly cured in a given area, you will observe whitening of the tank. This does directly correlate with the amount of resin cured in that section so spreading your prints around the tank will help to mitigate the effect. Tank heatmaps in Dashboard will help you to track clouding. The white spots do obscure the laser so they should be avoided but users are often able to get 2-3L out of a tank before it needs to be replaced.

Can you grab another picture of that artifact on the right? It’s a little tricky to see what’s going on in the first image.

When I get home from work I’ll take another pic.
I guess I have to repeat this: This is a brand new (never used) resin tank. I have only printed three parts on it. Two successful the last one failed. I would think with only three prints on it I wouldn’t expect to see any clouding yet. Or the clouding would be very, very small.

Formlabs should instead give the clouding spec in terms of layers not in terms of liters of resin. If I print the same circle for 50,000 layers it may use a very small amount of resin but that circle on the tank will most likely be cloudy and that area of the resin tank will be useless.

How many layers were those three prints and were they identical prints such that the laser path was the same? Those dots looks like vertical supports so if the supports were extremely tall, that means it is a ton of laser passes in the same area of the tank.

Clouding appears to be resin dependent also. My Clear tanks last longer than do my Dental by far. My Durable seems to have some clouding after a “small number” of prints also.

Those are interesting points.
But, I’ve been using the tough resin before I swtiched to the durable resin. And I would get two one liter bottles of resin for one resin tank with the tough resin. So I would think I would get just as much printing the same parts with the durable resin.

I have seen the same happening with high temp resin, but it really depends on the kind of parts and orientation if and how bad the clouding is. Sometimes it is after just one print, sometimes it takes a bit longer. Could be the same for durable.

I understand that, but the thing that’s getting me is that I could get close to 2 liters of the tough resin on one resin thanks. And only a few parts on the durable resin tray. And it’s the exact same parts.

Tough and durable probably have different laser intensity/scan speed settings which could explain it.

By the way, just checked a high temp tank and after only one liter of printing, I have the same weird defect as you have on the right of the picture. seems like the PDMS doesn’t hold to the acrylic window with some resins!

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