Ghost image on resin tank bottom, failed prints?

We are trying to solve an issue with our printer/resin tank. We have tried printing a part that has been successfully printed before, but now does not print correctly. Major portions are missing in the part. Upon cleaning and inspecting the black resin tank we see some kind of ghost stain or blot on the bottom of the resin tank that will not clean off.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


The resin tanks (vats) are a consumable.
When they start to ghost/fog, you’ll need to replace them.

How much resin/prints did you get out of it?

I am not sure, because more than one person uses the machine at work and there is no record of # of prints. We should start keeping track of this, from now on.

Note that when printing smaller objects, you can always try to work around the clouded areas to get more “life” out of your resin tank. Light clouding shouldn’t be an issue when printing. it’s the clear white clouds which really obstruct the laser resulting in a failed print. It’s based on your own judgement (and of course the amount of resin that goes into a print) if you’re able to use a tank with clouded spots.

But yes, it’s a very good idea to keep track of the prints you’ve done and the amount of resin that is used per print. Formlabs state that you should be able to use a tank for atleast 1Ltr of resin. Even up to 2 Ltrs. I guess that depends on the amount of failed prints as they seem to cloud up the tank more.

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