Concern after first failed print regarding cleanup

Had a failed print related to support design. This is our first failure and I have concern about remaining resin in tank base (fog). The failed print was very easy to remove. we have filtered the resin for cured particles. My question relates to the silicone tray base layer. It appears very “foggy” and actually appears to have some very thin resin layer cured areas that cannot be removed by scraping without fear of damaging the layer. What should my approach be?

How long have you been using that tray or should I say, how many prints? The fogging generally occurs after a number of prints. Generally 2 liters of resin is the life of a tray… Some times more, sometimes less.

3rd print. Brand new printer/tray

If it was a large print the pieces that tore loose and stuck to the base of the tray might have reflected the laser beam and thus over exposed the optic layer fogging it. Sort of like having run a lot of prints. Just a guess.

unfortunately it was 3 pieces which measure about 3x3 inches each…each shaped like simple horseshoes…maybe 15mm high each…

here are the cured resin areas in tank on siliicone layer…they are non-removable with a spatula and very adherent

That surely looks like resin stuck to the bottom. I use a plastic spatular to clean mine when prints fail and stick to it. Generally I do this when there is resin in the tank as it helps lubricate things. Taking it out like this and exposing it to room light can harden the resin and make it stick even more. It would take a bit of exposure but it will happen. Live and learn as it goes. I’ve lost a few trays over time, mostly at the start.

so I cleaned it out, pried the cured resin out, and cleaned the tank…placed filtered resin back in tank and stored…we will see if it prints later

right now, ive gotta produce…put new tank and resin into service

As long as there is little or no fogging of the soft gel on the bottom it should print OK. Did you run Grey? I use it all the time with little or no issues.

Hope it works out OK.

scraped it all out but gel layer shows some scratches…poured the filtered resin back in…will trial run the old tank some time in the future

how much liberty can we take with cleaning the gel layer???

With care. cut it and it’s done. That’s why I use a plastic spatula, not a metal one. I scrape with the beveled side down and try and keep that close to level to the gel. Best to drain the tank then use something like Magic 7, diluted in water, to wash and wipe the tank with it using a soft shop wipe paper towel. I’ve had excellent results this way.

It has a small nick in the layer…best to throw it out I guess…

Depends where the nick is and what size pieces you are printing. If you can basically map it’s location and avoid that area when placing items on the build plate you should get more use out of it. Just remember that in PreForm you looking at it upside down, so left is right. [grin]

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