Resin Tank Bottom Failure

I had a new resin tank. I printed 1 copy of a part fine. The second copy of the part stuck to the bottom of the tank and failed. When I tried to remove the failed material with a soft plastic comb about 2"x4" flat cured resin piece peeled off - which I expected - but then the bottom of the tank was still rough and a 1" chunk in the center of the plastic layer inside the tray came out and then the rest of the plastic layer followed. The very bottom remains so material didn’t get into the printer. So the tank is junk now. Is this a defective tank? I’ve been through a lot of tanks in the past year and stuck parts and I haven’t seen this happen. This was a print with Black V3 resin.

Yikes, I’ve had this happy once before but it was admittedly from more dubious experiments. Generally, failed prints shouldn’t adhere so strongly as to peel the PDMS layer off and if you get in touch with our support team, we’ll help look into this with you.

im having this same issue right now. brand new resin tank and this is only my second print

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