DURABLE RESIN detroying FORM-3 resin tanks

I am noticing that the durable resin is affecting the surface of the resin tanks in an alarming way. It had happened to me after a few impressions but now it has happened to me with a new tank, at the first impression. Image is of tank after ONE PRINT ONLY. The printing has failed and the parts on examination were poorly printed, with holes and a poor final surface.

What you see in your tank is indicative of a pinhole leak between the films. If you check really closely, there is probably resin in between the two films, causing that area to look transparent.

Might have been caused by excessive peel forces, suction cups, or just a faulty tank.

You should email FL support, they’ll send you a new tank right away.

I use Durable and have had resin in the tank for probably around a year with no issues - so this isn’t a resin issue.

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Durable. 2nd print on the tank.

The print, however, came out perfect.

New tank, Durable print 3.

The print, unsurprisingly, did not come out perfect. :slight_smile:

FL’s conclusion on the first is that it was a defective tank. They very kindly and promptly sent me another.

It’s “Beta” for a reason, I guess… FL’s conclusion on the second is “don’t use adaptive layers with Durable”, though I got a note a short while ago saying Preform’s next release fixes that…

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Hey, leonhart88, I spoke with FORMLABS and they think its because a faulty tank. They send me a new one in no time…That is fantastic for his part. I change the tank for a new one that i had in the studio and did the same print. It seems to have gone smoothly and the tank looks like it is in perfect condition as it should be after a first impression.
Thanks for commenting and responding to my post. Thank you .

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Yeah,Randy_Cohen… I never used Adaptive layers on Durable…
but out of curiosity, how much time did you save printing using Adaptive layers?

That’s great :grinning:

Zero time. Negative time, even. The print failed and never completed. :slight_smile:

Hi @Eduardo_Nodar,

I’m glad that Formlabs support was able to get this issue sorted! Your second tank looks perfect and should perform well. Happy printing!

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