Is my Tank done?

This print showed warning for cups so I made a change to my design by adding vent holes Ø.105" and all checked fine.
The print finished and come out ok but I found tank to have see through clear area now.
this is Durable V2 the tank life shows 25%
what you think?
Thanks for any input


Have you had any response to this or discovered what it could be? I came in this morning to find the same thing on my almost new V2 tray. I need to print some more parts today, but am concerned that there might be a failure. I have never seen this before.

I did not, :frowning: mine is in trash
just like you I was concerned about the vinyl breaking through
I will try to email support

I’m waiting to hear back from support. I have asked the question about a replacement as this is not normal. I think there may be a fault with the production of these trays. I will report back once I have a resolution.

Still waiting to hear back from support on the reason for this happening, but I used a brand new tray yesterday and first print overnight, I come in this morning to this:

Seems to me like there could be an issue with the printer itself.

o crap looks like the same spot, I did one small successful after that but I have not check this morning yet

I had a similar issue a while ago, where a nearly new tank failed. I reported it to formlabs and they were nice enough to send me a new one.

Further investigation showed a pinhole in the upper layer that resin was slowly leaking though, wetting the surfaces together (making them especially clear) and curing hard in some places. Thankfully none made it to the edge or into the printer.

The rep I spoke to said that damage could have occurred from cupping suction, a particularly rough peel, or a bit of debris floating in the tank that got pinched between the model or the build plane and the film surface. Our issue started a few days after a print failure, so it’s possible there was a bit of debris in the resin that I missed. If you transferred the resin from the old tank to the new one, be sure to filter it well.

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@John_Wysmuller is correct, when you see a transparent section like that it’s quite possibly due to resin leaking between the two materials of the flexible membrane and becoming cured there. As a precaution you may want to stop using that tank. If the damage spreads to the next layer it could cause a spill. I expect Support will send you a replacement tank.

No failed prints from my side, and the same failure in almost the same place on a second brand new tray.

They are looking into it now. The initial thought was due to cupping, but that was not the case here. I have printed many similar, almost identical, parts to these over the past months and never had this issue at all. Waiting to hear back from them now on their investigation.

Ok, the engineers have come back with the suction cups being at fault.

I have no idea of the background of these ‘engineers’, but by pure deduction, there is no way that suction cups were at fault, especially considering the fact that the second print on the brand new tray had no suction cups… and had very similar damage to the first tray where the suction cups were very small and not over the area of damage.

Go figure.

I ran the same part in Tough resin (Blue) and this did not happen so cups idea s out

This morning I noticed a light see through veins on new thank, its the same durable resin and no way this any print since had any cupping

I’ve seen this before in previous tanks, there is almost an ‘imprint’ of the part that was made there previously but that’s as far as it goes.

From my side, I am still waiting for the engineers to review and come up with a solution. Fair play to Formlabs, they have replaced both tanks and supplied a litre of resin for all of our troubles.

yea, just had a nice chat with tech support, they will also send me a replacement and later add to this post

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thats interesting, we have other DLP dental printer in the lab which is using exaclty same same film, and just one layer of the film not 2, adn its works for so much longer interesting if its depend of the resin formulation.