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Form3 - How to indicate “visual” if the tank is in good condition

Hello there,
just printed about 10L so far - so I’m pretty new with my form 3.
I picked up a new 2.1 Tank last week, just for backup (see my last post), and just checked it for marks and damage. And it already had a black mark on it with some small scratches on the side. So nothing wild or?

In the manual, it says that it’s recommended, before start printing, to check if the tank is in good condition. I do this all the time with an light from below. But really: How can I know? There are more and more scratches and light bumps on the surface, but I guess this is just normal wear out.
When is the tank “not” in good condition to start a 48h print again? I saw horrendous picture of leaked tanks here in the forum and I have always a bad feeling even just with the default greyV4 material. Maybe without any reason, because I have more than 400h left on the tank.
So why is there no documentation about it? What are your experience? When do really think it’s critical or just to consider switching based on “visuals”…

What do I have to look for when I pick up a new tank (is it a false product or not…)