Silicone layer on new tank failed

So I posted last week that the resolution was poor on my prints. I ordered new resin trays to try to remove that as a root cause but did not use one until tonight (resolution problem was due to dirty mirror).

On the first print with my brand new resin tank, the silicone layer peeled away from the corner of the tank, failing the print of course, and more importantly ruining a brand new tank.

Has anyone else had this issue? I purchased two new tanks at the same time, so I have a spare, but I’m worried if this is a problem with the tanks the other one will have the same failure.

Anyone else see this with their tanks ?

WOW. If you haven’t opened a support ticket yet, I would. I am sure they will take care of you.

What version tanks did they send?

I no longer have the packaging from the one in the photo, but I posted a photo of the label on the other one in the box (same order). Yes I will open a support ticket, they have always taken great care of me if I have had an issue in the past. Was just curious if anyone else had seen this.

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The version is on the little sticker on the back of the tank. You can see the sticker in your picture. Just not read which version it is.

Thanks David, the tank is REV 4 according to the sticker.

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