Cant find the protective plastic on the new resin tank

I just received two new resin tanks (my previous tank was the clear on that shipped with the original kickstarter printer). and I can’t find the protective layer on the bottom of the tank that I am supposed to peel off. The tanks both came boxed and inside the box they were totally shrink wrapped in a non adhesive film. Once this shrink wrapping is removed the bottom of the tank looks completely clear. Is this new or am i just not able to find the film that I am supposed to peel off? I am assuming that the protective film does NOT refer to the silicone layer on the inside/print side of the tank base.

Please help! I would like to start a few prints but want to make sure I am not printing through some protective film first.

Yep, that’s correct. The updated resin tank design have a full wrap-around shrink wrap, and no longer have a separate adhesive sticker on the bottom. And that’s right, the silicone inside of the tank should not be removed!

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Thanks. Thats what I thought but wanted to make sure. You guys might want to update the warning sticker that comes with the new tanks to reflect this though.

Thanks again for the quick response!

I just ran into the same issue and the person I reached by phone said it referred to the black cover. That made little sense since a black cover in no way fits the definition of a protective backing. It is was the black cover, the label should say “remove this cover before printing (or filling)”

I do think you’re correct, Richard. I’ll raise the issue with our team.