Protective backing on Form+ Resin tank

This will definitely be the stupidest question of the day … I got my Form+ upgrade with the new tank. The (nice) cover says, “Remove protective backing before printing.” I can’t see any protective backing, even a thin sheet of protective film, which is what I expect to see. Please elucidate for me.

There’s a lot of good info on the forum already, you can search with the magnifying glass at the top.

there is not plastic backing on the trays any more this was just a note on older revision trays the new trays come in a plastic wrap and that is it. If it is the tray in the machine during shipping just remove the black top and you are good to go. Do not worry about I made the same mistake when I first got mine. Good luck and happy printing.

Yep, that’s right. New tanks will soon start shipping with an updated sticker!

I just opened my upgraded form+. I noticed I can’t seem to take out the resin tray. Is there a different way to remove the resin tray for the form+ as opposed to the form1?