"Epic" tank fail. Jeez

I got to come in today to see this…


Wow. Not good - I’ve had the silicon layer lift at the edges, but never the whole thing.

just from the looks of it you had an issue though out the whole print possibly too much pressure buildup on the peel process… that or maybe a faulty adhesion on the PDMS layer … though in the times I have seen this in this forum it was because there was way too much pressure built up from the part and it pulls the whole thing off. Hopefully Support can help or and I hope that you did not get too much resin in the areas below…

Good luck

lol modern art!

Must admit I’m impressed that the stepper on the z-axis was able to keep going and give enough force to pull it off. Shame about the tank though.

Looks like at least a request to get a free replacement tank…

That’s something I hope I never have to see in person… seriously brutal.

Hey @David_Clark, maybe we can jump in with our idea, to repair such type of failures. Actualy our repair kit comes with an extra “glue” (primer) which improves adhesion of the silicone to the tank massively. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/257551006

Ho** Sh**! LOL I never even imagined that could happen! Maybe check the resin hasn’t dripped inside the printer.