Some supports failed to print

Hello all

Ahh it was looking good… then print fail… some supports stopped printing mid way through… which is odd… if they started printing ok, why did they suddenly fail?

Not a normal issue where I can see design/geometry issues… dunno. any suggestions?

many thanks

I would consider hollowing that part out — and making sure that your tank is in good condition. It looks like a bit of resin adhered to the tank, creating that ‘cone of failure’ that you see spreading out there.

Sam, is this because the Form 1+ has some trouble doing large solids? I have been having no small amount of trouble producing figurines at 1 or 2 inches tall, and my print failures look like this. I’ve used different resins, resolutions and orientations to no avail. Its a crapshoot when I print and most of the time its a waste of resin. :confused:

I have had a lot of issues with solid parts. There’s too much peel stress. You need to keep the active peel cross section as small as possible in my experience.

thanks for the input guys - yep been having much more successful prints … shame that printing solid isn’t more dependable in a way though, there’s something really quality about sold prints for special occasions. anyway all good, happy to work within the parameters and save some resin anyway