First Form2 failed print

Since I’ve had the printer I’ve been printing none stop for the past few days and I’ve come across my first fail print. I know it’s a user based error, I think not enough supports or the point size too small. Could anyone take an educated guess? Settings were on grey 0.05 with everything default par point size and support density turned right down. My second question; I seem to have some ‘gunky’ like resin that is surrounding the models. It’s like partially cured resin. Anyone seen this before?

Hi Iain,

It looks like the failure may be due to insufficient support as you suspected. If you write in to the support team with the PreForm file for these prints, they can provide some suggestions for optimal success. In general, the default settings for the support density and point size are a good place to start. The team can provide tips on adjusting them for individual prints!

For the gunk in the tank, the partially cured resin is left from the failed print. Moving forward, you would just need to clean the gunk from the resin tank. I would recommend using paint filters as mentioned at the bottom of this support article. The support team can give further advice on this as well. :slight_smile:



Hey Kara,

Thanks for the quick reply. Right I thought it had something to do with that. I’ve just ordered some paint filters so I’ll give that a clean up and try some more sturdy supports. Thanks for the help.


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Iain I would also venture to guess the impeller is hollow… you might also be creating a vacuum because of not having a vent hole and causing too much force during the peel. The print looks good from the base to the first portion of the model then it starts to fail, I would think that you have unsupported model at the base and or no venting on the main part.

Scratch what I said didn’t realize you stated that the part was printed on a Form 2 the vacuum should not have too much of an issue

I would think, that if you had insufficient supports that it would go diagonally to the center rather than out to the sides, because it’s clear that the sides are supported properly, it should build up on those parts toward the center I would think.

The item is hollow correct, and there a large hole for any resin to escape. I’m going to give it another go tonight. More supports and and thicker attachments.

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