When prints fail. Peeling and detaching. Please help

Hi. I will join everybody saying the form 2 is wonderful. It is!. Thank you Formlabs for creating such a great product. Having said that, it sometimes fail. Peeling, lines, etc.

The same file prints fine at first and then detaches the second time you print it.

Anybody has any idea. Maybe use a darker room?

The amount of supports you use is very low. This could make printing unstable.
The second print fails because you are trying to print something flat. Even with supports, that’s going to be a huge challenge.

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I would second the thought on minimal supports…did you adjust the density? What size are the contacts? Can you provide a larger photo of the whole object? :slight_smile: I don’t think a darker room would make a difference. Also, which version of the gray are you using?

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Yeah, some parts are too thin and some need more supports.

Also, if you haven’t filtered the resin after some of the issues then it could have particles of cured resin still in there which can also cause problems.

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Hi guys. all this info is very valuable. I clean the tank every time i fail a print, Learned the hard way with lost batches. So this peeling and lines is because the print is moving during the printing because it’s not stable enough because it doesn’t have enough supports?

The lines and embedded flotsam suggest there is gunk in the tank from a failed print. (The line is likely because that portion of the part landed in a chunk of something preventing it from getting as close to the tank bottom as it should have.) I would suggest filtering the contents of the tank with a paint filter.

Try printing more of them closer together where the bases are joined and overlap. This increases the base size so the prints attach better to the platform.

That seems smart! I’ll try it now. Thanks.

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