Some supports not printing or printing thinner than the model

I have printed 2 of these character bust and one was completely successful - the other was almost perfect except where a support fell off during the print process (it broke from the base) and blocked a portion of the model from being printed. I am wondering why this is happening? You can see in this image below that some supports are perfect and are the correct shape while some are almost hair thin and are barely attached near the base. Feels like the supports are not getting the support they need! Could this be my resin tank getting old, the resin itself or is this a software issue?

Couple more closeups.

The same thing is happening to me as well.  It always seems to be the supports closest to the outside of the raft that form little nubs instead of full supports.  I have only noticed this behavior after the latest software update.  Its sad that my prints are no longer coming out as reliably as they were before.  Let me know if you figure out the problem,  in the previous versions I would have increased the raft thickness, but that is no longer an option.


Hi Robert,

I think it has to do with those horizontal “shift” lines in your model. Since there is a lot of surface are the model sticks too much to the inside of the tank and the some of the supports then can bend or fail when the model gets released. This happened to me when trying to print a large solid object. Unfortunately with the new support system the hollow objects did not work well either because the internal supports sometimes would create voids with air bubbles and destroy the model and the supports.

But again, even with the fails, your prints are amazing anyway!


Thanks! That makes sense. I do how ever found it strange on some of my larger/thicker prints I had less issues even though their contact area was even greater than this model. I also agree with Justin about how I am seeing more little errors/failed prints with the newer versions of the software. I am not sure if how the platform moves or what speed the platform moves has changed, but it does definitely seem lout than what it use to be with large sized prints. I feel the supports need to increase in thickness the closer to the edge they are to handle the peeling process better. I wish we had auto hollowing in the form software!