Bubbles in resin tank

Hey guys,

I have been having trouble trying to get good prints off my form 2 with durable resin. I noticed that when I am agitating the resin in the tank there are a lot of bubbles as shown in the picture. Is this normal? And should I let the bubbles sit before printing? I also posted a picture of the issue I am having when printing in durable. The part seems to get off center when beginning the print, then recenter itself for the remainder. Thank you for your feedback!


I’ve seen the bubbles as well but doubt it is the cause of your low print quality.
I’d suggest reorienting the piece so there is a slight angle to it.

Flat surfaces perpendicular to the platform seem to generate results like this as well as create coagulated resin collected within the spires of the support structure.

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Agreed! Typically bubbles like this look scarier than they really are because they’ll all get pushed out of the way during printing anyways.

A more tilted orientation during printing is absolutely the first thing I’d try here as well. :slight_smile:

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