Tank bottom full of tiny bubbles!?


I have already reported this to formlabs but I want to show to you as well. Has anyone else faced this problem?

The latest tank I got has thousands of tiny bubbles all over the PDMS layer. I noticed this after I started wondering why Dental LT prints have very low quality. The second print in the pics is printed with a normal tank and the difference is huge.


Yikes…That definitely warrants a replacement. Frankly I’m surprised the part didn’t fail and you actually have a printed part in hand. Can’t say that I have ever seen that before.


Well, I printed a lot of stuff before realizing why the quality is not what is should be. It’s not like one could expect this. I just started using Dental LT and had no idea of it’s perfomance.

Of course the resin wasted is the most expensive they have. :frowning: I hope they will take that into consideration.

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