Very odd resin spill. Anyone else had this?

Hey all, not sure what happened finished up on a 6 hr print, all looked good, however I noticed there was a large streak of resin along the left side lip of the tank which I wiped off. Most likely where the wiper sloshed it. I’ve not had this happen before so a little concerning. What is odd is it looks like none of it spilled over to the printer. Another spillage I noticed is a splatter on the resin sensor plate. Looks quite random to me though there are drips going down the plate which I need to clean off.

Looking at these drips do you think much resin went down into the printer? or only minor drips not worth opening everything up to clean? I still can’t figure out how resin got there or why it has sloshed over the side. Can anyone offer any sort of explination? cheers

Most likely, your binder was binding on a stuck piece of hardened resin on its way to the left. The elasticity of the wiper arm would create this kind of splatter.
You need to filter your tank resin and carefully clean the VAT PDMS or FEP layer.
Use with 100 micron paint filter. These are cheap on Amazon.

What is the plastic film on top of the window?

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Ah didn’t think of that Oliver, cheers. Though I’ve not had any bad prints lately but you are right it is worth filtering the resin to check. I thought I may have heard the wiper get stuck so will check that out. The cling film I put there before cleaning the sensor so nothing spills on the window :wink:

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