Did your printer arrive dirty? Could this be resin all over it?

When I unboxed my printer today there was a sticky clear liquid streak coming from the cover hinge. Upon further inspection I see the same liquid on most screws and in the black channel surrounding the resin tank.  First thought was that this could be a resin spill when the unit was tested.  I cleaned up most of it and am letting the rest remain to see if it hardens as it is exposed to UV.    The optics all look clean as does the circuit board, so I went ahead and proceeded with a test print to ensure that everything is working.  So far so good but I have a few hours left on the first print before I see if there is any trouble.

Did anyone have a similar experience?

Hello Michael,

That’s certainly not how your printer was supposed to arrive! Could you open a support ticket with us? Head over here: http://support.formlabs.com/requests/new. Please be sure to include your serial number! We’ll follow-up with you there as soon as possible. In the meantime, let us know how your prints come out when you get a chance.

Many thanks,


Thanks for the quick reply Sam.  I will fill a support ticket out as requested.  I got to print a few parts today and they look good.  Seems to be functioning normally.