Black plastic contamination in white resin

Anyone else ever found a small piece of black plastic printed into their part? Had this happen twice now in 2 different prints using White V4 resin. Definitely not black resin (only used white resin on this printer/build plate) and very unlikely to be outside contamination. Suspecting it’s a piece of flashing from the resin cartridge as it looks and feels the same as the cartridge plastic.


I would bet on the cartridge plastic.
Maybe it wasn’t clean enough when they filled it, or a small trim from the cartridge threads.


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I agree with Claudio. junk from an unclean resin cartridge I bet.

I hold against it.
I whould say its a part of the wipper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmm, I haven’t encountered this, but I’ve forwarded your thread to our manufacturing team so that we can look into it. What do the sides of your platform look like? This might be flashing from the inside of the cartridge as others have mentioned, or loose coating from the side of the platform.

It could be a piece of build platform - our platform end caps were popped out when we received them so maybe something loosened up then. I’ve been checking the platforms pretty closely between prints and the contaminant plastic doesn’t feel consistent with the plastics of the platform.
It could also be a part of the wiper as jalbrecht mentioned, but it’s pretty hard to narrow it down exactly.

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