Black dots in whie resin!

So I overpay resin and then I have black things in my resin that was printed in two parts. So I now have to print new part that will cost me money. This is obviously Formlabs mistake because this tinny things come from cartridge and I saw one coming from it while filling thank. I am monitoring resin tank and cleaning it all time but sometimes it goes deeper and you cant see it, then it print it in model. This happened in two white resins. I get mad because resin isn’t 20 - 30 $ I wouldn’t look it I would just print new one but we overpay resin 150$ liter and then this happen? Where is quality check Formlabs? This takes me time money and I look stupid in eyes of buyers. Is there any discount for this mistakes?

again find black piece in white resin gonna upload pictures later…

Did you filter the resin in the tank?

new tank new resin, two new resins… now I will insert third one with new tank, looks like bad batch from this year, but nobody says nothing from formlabs jet you pay 150dollars plus VAT

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