Print failed, black resin v2 just arrived from the formlabs

hi to all, I ask you for help. I’ve just got a 1+ form, it worked very well until today, I got the black v2 resin bought on the official website of the formlabs, the tank is still only 300 ml printed, and the preform file is the same used in the days gone where printing has always worked well with excellent results. unfortunately today I tried the resin just arrived and the press has failed, the base seems to be slightly more fine than other times, and the supports have not printed well seem fragile and crumbly all slightly above the base. I enclose the photos of the print gone badly, hoping that someone can help me. thanks any help is welcome,

Did you mix the cartridge of new material before inserting it ?

Yes, I mixed the resin, as I did before every print

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