Ripped off supports and printed on top of tank

So this is second time happening me with this resin tank, part ripped off supports and printed on top of tank thick layer that is very difficult to take of. While it ripp off it make wiper spill resin out of tank (thank God not on laser glass) and made mess that is difficult to clean even with IPA. This is frustrating thing you have to spend time to clean this mess and losing money on 300$ resin, I think resin is overpriced I lost 200 ml second time read cca 100$ plus time. I am really happy when print is done fine, prints are great but somebody wanna buy Form 2?

Sounds like you’re not setting up the print properly in terms of orientation and support parameters to resist the applied moment.

Can you upload a picture of the PreForm and also the results in the printer if you got?

I dont think so, i think problem is resin tank, old, ready to change… Today I apply new one will see what happen. Hope they think about changing price of resin, it is more expensive than oil… FORMLABS RESIN convincingly the first

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