Horrible Resin Trays!

Dear Formlabs

Your resin trays are the poorest quality on the planet. I have already had 6 replacement trays sent to me over the year, and now my latest tray is already ruined. My second print with this new tray melted and left a HUGE mark on the surface of the tray. Now nothing will print correctly. I can’t believe how much money I have wasted on your shitty products. I have 7 ruined resin trays sitting here.

What makes this worse is my first 3d printer was recently replaced with a new one. Surprise nothing prints correctly with the new machine!

I will never promote or recommend your products to any of my designer friends!! I curse the day I ever heard of Formlabs!!

Melted? Yea…

Melted? have you upped the power of the laser?

REALLY? What was the resolution SUPPORT provided after the first couple of failed prints? The competitors resin tray (PSA) costs $300 so at $59 AND if you wish, you can rebuild it yourself, I am one happy customer. Sorry about your isolated experience.

@Chris_Johnson: Can you elaborate on what the vat problems are / were? It is hard to determine what “melted” refers to. Can you post up pictures. How long did your first printer last? What was the root cause of its failure? Have you done any troubleshooting with the referb unit?

@dbhawkins: Who’s resin tray are you referring to? I only know of one other vat that works with the Form 1. Without getting into details of my own experiences, I do not believe Chris’s experience is isolated which is why I asked the questions above. Assuming you have a 1+, how long has it been functioning? Has it had to go to FL for repair? If so, what was done to repair it?


Used 4 trays with the Form1+ and they were all fine, haven’t had any issues with the Form2

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