Resin spill catastrophe

I was printing something using the High Temp Resin, it’s a fairly large part and it failed somewhere and left a large flat surface that the wiper decided to scramble around the tank. This large piece teamed up wit the resin-wiper and decided to spill around 3/4 of the entire tank contents around the bed.
There’s no resin anywhere near the mirrors or anything but the bed was flooded with resin and there seems to be a little hole that goes into the machine, i keep putting paper towels inside that hole and they come out soaked in resin. . .which means it’s flooded inside. . .I dont know what’s inside that particular hole but I hope it’s nothing extremely crucial.
What’s the proper way to clean this? do I open up the machine or what should I do?

This is sad to read. Your best bet is to open a ticket.

Yikes, I got a little too precarious with support points for one of my first prints and ended up in a similar situation. It’s important to get in touch with our support team so that we can go through the proper steps for getting this corrected for you. I’ve gotten in touch with our team and one of our members will be in touch with you over email to help out.

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