Resin all over the machine

After an unsuccesful print my Form 2 was completely soaked by the resin.
Seems the wiper wiped out of the tank.
I started to clean, but seems challenging…
I need to get inside, a shipping also not an option in this condition.

I had a similar issue. Wiper caught on a stuck piece on the tray floor and snapped to the right causing a wave that hit the case and broke it in several places. Hot resin will do that. I was sent a replacement case. But the resin also leaked similar to what you have and down into the electronics. I had lots of fun cleaning it up. Now I run in Open Mode so that’s not an issue.

Yikes, I encountered a spill like this shortly after starting and it looks like you’re on the right track using a syringe to remove resin from the base of the machine. Have you been able to get in touch with our support team? We’ll help to identify what caused the spill in the first place and work through repair steps with you.

I am just. The syrenge is visible on the left.
The cause is clear.
A mysprint damaged the silicon on the VAT, the resin got under the silicone, betveen the clear bottom and silicone.
Than cured and visibly my machine had not chance to survive.
I clean them since saturday, today I can call clean…but meanwhyle I had to recognized I replaced parts the support not recommend…
But I think it was much better than to wait the resin leaks the electronic.
In any case…I am technical … so I think i did not make any damage the machine did not make for himself.
I have some repair questions, I hope I receieve it.

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