Trouble with tank after bad print

Hello, I recently had a bad print and had a pretty hard time removing the cured resin from the resin tray. I do not want to scrap too hard, but there are some rough spots still left. There is also a grey cloud left behind that I have never seen before. I am using a form 1+ with Clear resing #2. Is there anything I can do to save this tray? I have included a picture, thank you.

It looks like there are pieces missing from your PDMS layer. Assuming I am correct, I would just use the vat where it isn’t damaged. The only way to “fix” that is to replace the PDMS layer. Or just use a new vat.
More concerning, Why does it look like the corner of your vat is cracked? IF it is, I would not use it.

Thank you for your fast reply. Ok, perhaps it is time to just get a new one, it is pretty old. The corner is cracked because when I took it out of storage and tried to take the lid off it got stuck. When I got it off that is the result.

Make sure not to clean the tray with IPA since it will break down the acrylic and it can then crack. Also, while the corners of the tray kind of are shaped to pour the resin out, I highly recommend against it, instead use a plastic syringe to suck out the resin which will keep things much cleaner.

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