White resin failure... tank bonding?

So I see other white resin residue emails, but mine does NOT seem to be resolved with a simple scraping of the tank.
Its like its bonded TIGHT to the PDMS. it will absolutely not come off…
any suggestions?

How many prints have you done with that vat? Can you catch an edge and gently wiggle it off? By the sounds of it, the PDMS later is going to be toast.

Brand new vat, 1 print of 4.5ml total through that vat. Brand new white resin also…

Well, that’s not good. I would work at it very slowly. Use an old credit card or some soft flexible plastic. You have a better change at not damaging the PDMS.

im going to work on it a bit later, but its kind of ridiculous that this is the necessary action.

Have you been in touch with support? It sounds like there might be some over-compression going on and adjusting the Z height in fine tuning might be a fix. White does adhere quite well to the build platform but shouldn’t be getting stuck to the PDMS layer itself.

I did work with support on the issue… its not a print adhering to build plate, or PDMS layer issue. its that the pigment settled and literally bonded to the PDMS. it is not removeable with a scraper.
Even if it was, having to scrape it each time, or stir it every couple days, thats a pretty cruddy “Fix” has to be another way IMO

You should be able to press gently on the glob with your scraper and eventually get it to start to release by flexing the pdms layer. Takes patients. I have polished the edges on mine so i can push or drag mine and it has helped where I had a clear resin blob get stuck.
Just take your time and it should work loose.

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